INDUSTRY 4.0 is a sunrise area in manufacturing, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. What is INDUSTRY 4.0 ? What is IoT ? How does it work ? How can it help me enhance my shopfloor profits ?
How do I implement it in my shopfloor?
Our Blogs demystify INDUSTRY 4.0 and answer these questions.

Oee tracking software

OEE tracking software – how it it helps fix the CEO’s capacity planning headaches OEE tracking software helps in capacity estimation and… Read More

1 Downtime at shift change – fix by production monitoring system Downtime at shift change and feed rate override misuse: these are two common… Read More

Stop working night shifts through machine downtime tracking How Leanworx’s machine downtime tracking features system enabled a firm to make the… Read More
How a firm used LEANworx for machine downtime tracking and froze all capital expenditure on new machines for 2 years, even though their orders were… Read More

Industry 40 applications outside the shop floor The data that is collected from machines can also be used by software applications that are… Read More

TEEP definition, TEEP calculation, and difference between OEE and TEEP TEEP definition My guard dog is willing to guard my house 24 hours a… Read More
Machine data collection networks – Wired and Wireless Machine data collection requires machines to be connected in a variety of ways to the… Read More
How production tracking software eliminates downtime caused by work ethics issues Downtime due to work ethics issues can account for a… Read More
Industry 40 definition- is there a single one The reality is that your requirements decide your Industry 4 definition, and there is no single… Read More
Cooked up OEE formula – the recipes and tastes In devising an OEE formula, it is important that you are truthful about losses like downtime,…..Read More
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