How knowing the production quantity leads to profitability

Real story: Leanworx helped them know the exact production.


Springs manufacturer


Overproduction due to inaccurate production quantity tracking resulting in excess inventory and increase in inventory holding cost.


Improved OEE leading to elimination of production inconsistencies.

About Leanworx user

Springs manufacturer with 45 machines connected to Leanworx, spring making machines and presses. Part cycles time vary from 3 seconds to 20 seconds, with production quantity approximately 1300 to 9000 parts in each shift.

Before Leanworx

Inaccurate production tracking led to significant challenges, including over-production and subsequent excess inventory, leading to increased holding costs. Simultaneously, under-production created delivery delays and hindered effective scheduling. The lack of precise production monitoring adversely impacted the overall operational efficiency and profitability of the organization.

The Leanworx Impact

The implementation of a robust production monitoring system marked a transformative shift in operational efficiency. Leanworx meticulously recorded the actual number of parts produced at any given moment, offering detailed insights through hourly and shift-wise production reports.

The Leanworx Benefit

The elimination of over-production and under-production challenges helped the organization align production closely with demand. There was a notable reduction in inventory costs contributing to a significant improvement in overall profitability.

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