Case Studies

Elimination of down time at shift change

An automobile parts manufacturer reduced production capacity waste by 12% due to machine downtime during shift changes. By slashing this downtime by 98%, they enhanced production capacity, resulting in monthly savings of Rs. 15,60,000.

Driving Employee Retention and Efficiency Gains

An automobile parts manufacturer faced challenges in paying operator incentives due to lack of accurate production and efficiency data. Leanworx enabled them to pay accurate incentives, and within 3 months they achieved a 42% reduction in operator attrition and 19% improvement in OEE.

2 year postponement of acquisition of new machines

A manufacturer of machined castings for export – railway parts and off-road vehicles, faced inefficient machine utilization, requiring a significant CapEx(capital expenditure) on 18 new machines. They saved Rs. 5.6 Cr. In CapEx by freezing all new machine purchases due to improvements in OEE.

The end of the 3rd shift

An aerospace parts manufacturer experienced poor productivity on CNC machines. Machine spindles ran just 30% of the time. With the help of Leanworx they stopped working 3rd shift and saved Rs 14,00,000 per month.

One small fix, a GIANT leap in profits

A pumps manufacturer experienced one hour of downtime daily on each machine due to a very avoidable problem. This caused a loss of Rs. 26,000 per machine per month. They successfully eliminated this downtime that accounted for 4% of total time, within 24 hours.

How knowing the production quantity leads to profitability

A springs manufacturer faced over-production due to inaccurate production quantity tracking resulting in excess inventory and increase in inventory holding costs. Leanworx helped them know the exact production. By improving OEE, they eliminated production inconsistencies.

OEE improvement by 23% in 5 months

An automobile parts manufacturer experienced reduced production capacity by 12% due to machine downtime. They achieved monthly savings of Rs. 15,60,000 by using Leanworx.

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