OEE improvement by 23% in 5 months

Real story: An automobile parts manufacturer reduced production capacity waste by 12% due to machine downtime during shift changes.


Automobile Parts Manufacturer


Reduced production capacity by a factor of 12% due to machine downtime


Savings of Rs. 15,60,000 per month by using leanworx system

About the Leanworx user

Automobile parts manufacturer. 72 machines connected to Leanworx machine monitoring system – CNC lathes, VMCs, HMCs, sand moulding machines, core shooters, fettling machines. Average machine hour rate Rs. 350.

Before Leanworx

OEE varied from 32 % to 65 %, depending on the type of machine. CNC machines were the lowest.

The Leanworx Impact

Through use of the OEE monitoring system in Leanworx, OEE improved by 23 % on CNC machines, 15 % on foundry machines. This resulted in higher profits because of higher production quantities with the same number of machines, lower cost of production per part, lower rejections, reduced raw material cost.

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