Gain insider perspectives and insights on all aspects of machine monitoring system, Downtime tracking software, Industry 4.0 and Production monitoring systems

Leanworx is a Affordable CNC Machine Monitoring Software. See a 70% reduction in downtime and boost profits in just 1 month.


How do I work 2 shifts instead of 3, and do the same production ? If you are working 3 shifts of 8 hours each and manage to produce the same parts in 2 shifts, the benefits are huge….

A big pain point for CEOs is the high and constant CapEx (capital expenditure) on new machines without any assured return.

Downtime due to work ethics issues can account for a surprisingly large amount of downtime…..

A manufacturing monitoring system in SMEs yields big benefits in profits. It is very affordable. It pays back for itself in 1 or 2 months….

LEANworx  machine downtime tracking software enabled a firm to stop working in the night shift. With the help of Leanworx, they started making the same number of parts in 2 shifts,…

Downtime at shift change. Feed rate override misuse. These are two common work ethics issues. Here’s how you can fix these in just 2 weeks, with a CNC machine monitoring system….. 

Production monitoring software on Industry 4.0 can improve your shop floor profits dramatically. You can starting results in just a couple of weeks….

Manufacturing downtime tracking software can play a great role in reducing the 8 wastes of Lean manufacturing. Lean manufacturing, or LEAN,…

Equipment OEE – how does it impact Profits ? Equipment OEE is a measure of capacity utilization, how efficiently you are using your machines….

Free Webinar : Is Industry 4.0 Worth It for Machine Shops?  01 June 2024, 1400 to 1500 hours.

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