INDUSTRY 4.0 is a sunrise area in manufacturing, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. What is INDUSTRY 4.0 ? What is IoT ? How does it work ? How can it help me enhance my shopfloor profits ?
How do I implement it in my shopfloor?
Our Blogs demystify INDUSTRY 4.0 and answer these questions.

How Industry 40 improves preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance systems Industry 40 can dramatically improve efficiency of your… Read More

What is Industry 40 – and what it is NOT Industry 40 is a system that comprises these components:l Machines2 Sensors3 Data transfer over internet… Read More

What is the formula of OEE calculation OEE, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness, is a brilliant invention that, in a single number, tells you how… Read More
Industry 4 revolution and illogical IT spread In most organizations, the IT network covers all the functions outside the shop floor — Accounts,… Read More

CNC machine monitoring — 5 benefits in machine downtime and production Machine downtime in a typical CNC shop floor can be anywhere between 20…Read More

Implementation roadmap for a painless takoff Industry 40 implementation involves deploying its two basic components: A machine monitoring… Read More
How the 8 wastes of Lean manufacturing can be reduced with Industry 40 Industry 40 can play a great role in reducing the 8 wastes of Lean… Read More

Formula for OEE calculation – diagnosing problems and fixing them The formula for OEE is simple, but the ingredients that go into the calculation… Read More

Industry 40 technologies and key components – what are they The key Industry 40 technologies are these: Cyber physical system, IOT and Cloud… Read More

Machine productivity, Andon boards and stale bread the connection Stale data on Andon boards is as useless as stale bread The purpose of… Read More

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