INDUSTRY 4.0 is a sunrise area in manufacturing, and there are a lot of misconceptions about it. What is INDUSTRY 4.0 ? What is IoT ? How does it work ? How can it help me enhance my shopfloor profits ?
How do I implement it in my shopfloor?
Our Blogs demystify INDUSTRY 4.0 and answer these questions.

Why Industry 40 and LEAN go together As the number of machines on our shop floor increases, the darkness increases, and we stand there,… Read More

Here is how energy management software based on Industry 4.0 can help reduce energy consumption, leading to reduction in expenditure and a more environmentally friendly shop floor,… Read More

Each post in this blog has:l A bit of gyan (knowledge in Sanskrit) on Industry 40, specifically for MSMEs2 Some Etc (meaning Etcetera), which is… Read More

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