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At Leanworx, our people and systems synergize seamlessly to create top-tier machine monitoring solutions. While our machines go to work for you based on failsafe logic driven by advanced Al to adeptly handle complexities, preempting errors in real-time, we draw strength from our people with deep manufacturing experience who intimately understand your pain-points. This fusion of technology and human expertise is the backbone of our commitment to delivering unparalleled efficiency and scalability.

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Machine health

Continuous Data Tracking

Plug and play, hassle free 24/7 tracking of machine performance across machine functions.

Visualisation and Reporting

Data compression algorithm for high speed reporting alerts for data cleansing and enrichment.

Prompt alerts and notifications

Omni-channel alert systems for problem-solving on the go

Dynamic Data capture

Seamless data capture through mobile network, LAN, Ethernet, and direct lot hardware integration

Ease of integration

Custom APIs to link Leanworx with ERP, planning, maintenance, attendance systems and more

Multi-server compatibility

Compatible solutions across public cloud, private cloud and on-premise enterprise

Unlock a suite of powerful features to propel your machines forward and send your profits soaring.

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Industry needs


Precision Engineering

Leanworx is transforming Precision Engineering operations, enhancing efficiency and ensuring reliability in manufacturing processes. With plug-and-play technology, data visibility is achieved within 15 minutes. resulting in substantial improvements within just one month, including enhanced OEE, reduced downtime, and minimized rejections.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Precision Engineering:

Enables real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance, and stringent quality control.

Optimizes tool paths and automates parameter adjustments for enhanced overall efficiency.

Facilitates precision in manufacturing processes through real-time monitoring.


Metal Cutting and Metal Works

In the realm of Metal Cutting and Metal Works, Leanworx monitors CNC turning centers, CNC machining centers, sheet metal presses. and forging presses. These machines, equipped with Al-driven systems and IoT connectivity, benefit from real-time monitoring. predictive maintenance, and optimized performance.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Metal Cutting and Metal Works:

Real-time monitoring for optimal performance and maintenance scheduling.

Utilizes advanced technologies for real-time monitoring and performance optimization.

Enhances efficiency through predictive maintenance.

Optimizes forging processes with Al-driven systems.


Heavy Machinery

In the Heavy Machinery industry, integrating Al and IoT for advanced machine monitoring has revolutionized operations for excavators, bulldozers, and cranes. Equipped with IoT sensors, these machines ensure real-time equipment health monitoring, fuel consumption tracking, and predictive maintenance, resulting in significant improvements in OEE, downtime, and rejections.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Heavy Machinery:

Real-time monitoring for optimal performance and maintenance scheduling

Utilizes advanced technologies for real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Ensures heightened operational efficiency through real-time equipment health monitoring.



Precision in Electronics manufacturing is elevated with Al-driven Pick- and-Place Machines, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Systems, and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Machines. These machines leverage Al and IoT for real-time monitoring, enhancing precision in component placement, defect inspection, and increasing overall efficiency.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Electronics:

Ensures heightened accuracy in component placement, reducing errors.

Facilitates defect inspection for high-quality production. 

Enhances efficiency in soldering and component placement.



The Automotive sector benefits from Al-powered robotic welding systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and 3D printing machines. These systems ensure weld quality monitoring, material handling efficiency, route optimization, predictive maintenance, and optimization of welding parameters.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Automotive:

Monitors weld quality and ensures optimal welding parameters.

Enhances material handling efficiency and route optimization.

Optimizes 3D printing parameters for improved performance.



Automated Packaging Lines, Carton Erecting Machines, and Labeling Machines, enriched with AI for quality control and loT sensors for real-time monitoring, offer optimized packaging processes.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Packaging:

Optimizes packaging processes for increased efficiency.

Streamlines carton forming processes and monitors material usage.

Enhances accuracy in labeling, reducing errors.



In the Plastics sector, Leanworx monitors injection molding machines, extrusion machines, and blow molding machines. These machines use Al and lot for real-time monitoring of molding parameters, predictive maintenance, and consistent product quality.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Plastics:

Ensures real-time monitoring and consistent product quality.

Utilizes Al algorithms for process optimization and predictive maintenance.

Enhances efficiency through continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance.



Leanworx covers Core Shooter, Mould Making Machines, Pouring Lines, Fettling, and Pressure Die Casting in the Foundry sector. These machines leverage Al and IoT technologies for accurate data monitoring, predictive maintenance, and efficient foundry operations.

Machines covered by Leanworx in Foundry:

Enhances efficiency through real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Facilitates accuracy in moulding processes.

Ensures optimized pouring processes through Al-driven systems.

Monitors and optimizes fettling processes for improved efficiency.

Leverages Al and loT for accurate data monitoring and predictive maintenance.


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. We provide a 5-day free demo, with assistance in installation and usage. Click here to book a live demo with us. 

the installation typically happens within 7 working day from the date of purchase. The time taken to install is not more than a few hours for up to 10 machines. Above 10 machines may take a total installation time of at least 8-10 working days. 

With Leanworx you will get to start feeding data from your machines instantly and get the data within minutes from the time of installation. It is that fast. 

We provide a tailored to scale model. Whether you want Leanworx to be made available for just 2 machines or 250 machines, we have you covered. 

Through strong firewalls and careful curated systems we ensure security every step of the way. Password protections ensure that the data, reports and alerts are made available only to the intended recipient. We have data security at every stage, from data collection at the machine to viewing the reports and alerts.

 Between 5% and 20% of the benefits. We have multiple modules. You can choose what you want based on your needs, like a restaurant menu. Get in touch, and get surprised by how economical Leanworx is. Click here to know more.

Free Webinar : Industry 4.0 - Unlocking machine shop profits: Are operators still holding the keys ? 15 June 2024, 2pm to 3pm, Saturday. 

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