One small fix, a GIANT leap in profits

A pumps manufacturer experienced one hour of downtime daily on each machine due to a very avoidable problem.


Pumps Manufacturer


One hour downtime every day on every machine led to a loss of Rs 26,000 per machine per month.


Downtime that accounted for 4% of total time was eliminated in 24 hours

About Leanworx user

Hydraulic pumps manufacturer with a total of 57 CNC VMCs and HMCs, connected to Leanworx machine monitoring system. Shop works 3 shifts of 8 hours each.

Before Leanworx

In a bay with 8 HMCs, there was a one hour downtime per day on every machine, for the reason ‘Waiting for tool’. Each machine hourly rate was Rs. 1000 per hour, so this was a loss of about Rs. 24,000 per machine per month.

The Leanworx Impact

The introduction of Leanworx downtime monitoring software resulted in the complete elimination of downtime across all 8 machines. This reduction translated to zero downtime, effectively providing a capacity increase of approximately 4% without additional capital investment.

The Leanworx Benefit

Leanworx’s machine monitoring software offers continuous and automatic downtime tracking, providing essential reports for analysis and reduction.

● Reports on late starts and early stoppages, hourly production, produced vs. planned quantities, and cycle details.

● Pareto and pie charts for machine downtime analysis, pinpointing key causes.

● Long-term trends to correlate corrective actions with downtime changes.

● Detailed breakdowns of individual machine downtimes, including start and end times, duration, and reasons.

The firm achieved substantial revenue growth with Leanworx, increasing Rs. 24,000 per machine per month, totaling Rs. 2,00,000 per month for all machines. Leanworx not only enhanced operational efficiency but also delivered significant financial gains for the company.


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