The end of the 3rd shift

Real story: An aerospace parts manufacturer experienced poor productivity on CNC machines.


Aerospace Parts Manufacturer


Machines ran 24 hours but the productivity was poor. CNC machine spindles ran just 30% of the time.


Stopped working 3rd shift with a saving of Rs 14,00,000 per month.

About Leanworx user

Aerospace parts manufacturer with 40 machines connected to Leanworx machine monitoring system. Average machine hour rate Rs. 650.

Before Leanworx

The Machines ran 24 hours, with 3 shifts of 8 hours each. The average spindle run time was just 30% which suggested severe underutilisation of machines.

The Leanworx Impact

By closely analyzing the downtime data and acting to reduce the downtimes, the spindle run time was increased from 30 to 64%. The target production quantities were achieved in 2 shifts instead of the earlier 3 shifts.


The Leanworx Benefit

This transformative shift occurred over a span of seven months, resulting in substantial monthly savings amounting to Rs. 14,00,000. These savings are attributed to a reduction in various costs associated with the third shift, including personnel expenses, power bills, and canteen facilities, among others.

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