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Leanworx machine monitoring system gives you data from your machines 24/7, enables you to improve manufacturing profits by reducing waste of machine capacity, and improving OEE. It gets accurate and timely data from your machines to your computer network, and shows you information that you can act upon. It also has interfaces to all your other software and hardware like ERP, maintenance, logistics, etc. to give them accurate and instant data.

We have experience in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, and bring all our extensive experience to the table to improve your profits. We help you deploy Leanworx machine monitoring system, get the benefits from it, and guide you through the culture change required to spread it through your organization. Our team of manufacturing and data analytics specialists work with you to do this. Our extremely high level of innovation ensures that Leanworx is always a few steps ahead of your requirement
Leanworx supports a variety of processes and machines. It enables you to improve capacity utilization, OEE and profits by highlighting capacity waste in your shop floor in multiple ways as current dashboards, historical reports and alerts on mobile phones for immediate action. It does this for OEE, downtimes, quality, maintenance, consumables usage, energy consumption and operator efficiency.
Leanworx is an IoT based machine monitoring system. It can connect to and monitor machines in numerous ways:
To CNC machines via ethernet, on protocols like MTConnect, OPC-UA, or Fanuc Focas and other proprietary protocols. Data goes through broadband to Leanworx cloud server.
To CNC machines via relays in the electrical panel, using Leanworx IoT tracker direct to Leanworx Cloud server, with no IT infrastructure required.
To PLC based machines via ethernet, on Modbus protocol.
To electro-mechanical or manual machines via signals from inexpensive retrofitted sensors. is an

Machine monitoring system for any machine

Use Cases

Leanworx works in a  variety of manufacturing industries: Automobile parts, Aerospace parts, Pumps, Farm equipment and Off-road vehicles, Gear manufacturing, Springs manufacturing, Foundry, Forging plant, Plastic, Injection moulding, Packaging.

Leanworx benefits - real stories

Story 1: Auto parts maker - downtime at shift change eliminated (14% of available time)

Before Leanworx

Before the CNC machine monitoring monitoring system was implemented, in every shift the production started late and ended early. Highest downtimes were at the end of the 2nd shift, and start and end of the 3rd shift. Average downtime was 1 hour per shift, reducing production capacity by 12%.

Machine monitoring system for automobile parts manufacture
After Leanworx

After CNC machine downtime monitoring was started, the downtime dropped by about 25 % on its own, without any action, 2 days after Leanwox was connected to all machines. In 3 weeks the downtime reduced to less than 5 minutes per shift. Production quantities increased proportionately, by 12 %.

Story 2: Auto parts maker - OEE improved 23% in 5 months

Before Leanworx

OEE varied from 32 % to 65 %, depending on the type of machine. CNC machines were the lowest.

Machine monitoring system for auto parts production

Marco Verch CC BY 2.0

After Leanworx

Through use of the OEE monitoring system in Leanworx, OEE improved by 23 % on CNC machines, 15 % on foundry machines. Result: higher profits because of higher production quantities with the same number of machines, lower cost of production per part, lower rejections, reduced raw material cost.

Story 3: Profits improved by paying operator incentives from production monitoring

Before Leanworx

Operators were being paid fixed salaries irrespective of their productivity. Good operators felt unrewarded, and bad operators were not being penalised. Factory efficiency was being impacted badly.

Machine monitoring system for mass production
After Leanworx

Using data from Leanworx machine monitoring system, operators are paid incentives based on production quantities and efficiency from machine operator efficiency monitoring reports. OEE improved by 19 % in 3 months. Savings: Rs. 38,000 per machine per month. Operators resigning reduced by 42 % in 3 months.

Story 4: Manufacturer of tractor parts postponed buying new machines by 2 years

Before Leanworx

Downtime was 46 % of total available time.

After Leanworx

Using data from the machine monitoring system, achieved such a rapid machine downtime reduction that they postponed buying 18 machines costing Rs. 5.6 Cr., by 2 years. Even though orders were increasing by 15 % a year.
Downtime was reduced to 22 % in just 5 months, and then dropped further over 2 years.

Story 5: Aerospace parts manufacturer stopped working 3rd shift

Before Leanworx

Machines ran 24 hours, with 3 shifts of 8 hours each. Spindle was running 30% of the time.

Machine monitoring system for aerospace manufacture
After Leanworx

With machine data monitoring, the firm shut down 3rd shift working by doing the same number of parts in 2 shifts. Spindle is running 64% of the time.
This happened in 7 months.

Savings: Rs. 14,00,000 per month. Reduction in personnel, power bill, canteen facilities, etc. in night shift.

Story 6: Pumps manufacturer - simple fix resulted in BIG profits

Before Leanworx

In a bay with 8 HMCs, there was a one hours downtime every day on every machine, for the reason ‘Waiting for tool’. Each machine cost Rs. 1000 per hour, so this was a loss of about Rs. 26,000 per machine per month.

Machine monitoring system for pump manufacture
After Leanworx

After the machine monitoring software was installed, downtime for this particular reason reduced to zero, for all 8 machines. Effectively, eliminating 1 hour downtime every day means they got a capacity increase of about 4 % with the same capital investment.

Story 7: Springs maker knows production quantity, that was earlier unknown

Before Leanworx

There was no accurate production tracking. Resulted in over-production causing excess inventory and increase in inventory holding cost; under-production causing delivery delays; inability to schedule properly.

Machine monitoring system for springs manufacture
After Leanworx

Production monitoring system counts the actual number of parts made, at any instant. Reports show hourly and shift-wise production. Over-production and under-production have been eliminated, leading to lower inventory costs, better scheduling, improvement in profitability.

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